Attacker: Organisation de l'armée secrète conspirators
Date: August 22, 1962

When OAS conspirators attempted to assassinate French president Charles de Gaulle, they underestimated the value of a good automobile. While de Gaulle and his wife were traveling from Elysee Palace to Orly Airport, attackers fired 140 bullets at their Citroën DS, killing two of the president's motorcycle bodyguards and blowing out all four of the vehicle's tires. The de Gaulles survived the hail of bullets by ducking down, and, thanks to the car's impressive suspension system, the president's chauffeur was able to accelerate out of a potentially fatal front-wheel skid. Needless to say, de Gaulle was a champion of the Citroën brand until he died, just short of his 80th birthday, in 1970.