"'Til death do us part" has never been so horribly accurate. 31-year-old Na Cola Darcel Franklin was charged with criminal homicide after stabbing her fiance, 36-year-old Billy Rafael Brewster, to death on Saturday morning. By the way, Saturday was supposed to be their wedding day. 

The discovery was made by the pastor who was supposed to marry the couple; he came to their apartment when he couldn't reach them. The couple was supposed to be married at 10 a.m., but police were called to the scene at 2 a.m. and found Brewster on the ground outside of his apartment bleeding from the torso. An hour later, he was pronounced dead. 

A preliminary investigation from the Lehigh County coroner's office revealed that Brewster's heart was punctured twice by the stab wounds. Devastated, Franklin claims she did not kill Brewster on purpose. 

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[via Gawker and The Sacramento Bee]