Breastfeeding and porn should never, ever cross paths. Unfortunately, they did for MaryAnn Sahoury, and now she's taking legal action. Sahoury agreed to be filmed to an instructional breastfeeding video for Parents magazine back in 2010, but the video was uploaded to the magazine's website and YouTube channel. Then, some perv ripped the video and spliced it into porn that included her and her daughter's name.

Sahoury says the video went from her talking, to a woman who looked like her having sex. Here's what she told Best for Babes in 2010:

[The Google search results] revealed a link which included my full name attached to a pornography site. When I clicked on the link there was the breastfeeding video I had taped with the TV show, spliced in with vile disgusting porn clips of a woman who had similar features as me. It wasn’t one video, it was multiple videos; among dozens and dozens of links all over the internet that now flooded my name and great reputation with this association to pornography. If that wasn’t bad enough, I then find that my daughter, who was only 6 months old at the time, was also connected to pornography as well! I came to find out that the breastfeeding episode that I thought would air on cable TV and their website had actually been actually posted on YouTube, and they were the ones who put my full name in writing which scrolled across the bottom of the screen during that show.

Sahoury is now suing Meredith, the parent company for Parents, for breach of contract. She says Meredith has been very responsive, but still.

[via Gothamist]