When Facebook went public in May, the company's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, instantly became one of the wealthiest tech executives in the world. And while he still has more billions than Drake has Aaliyah tattoos, his personal fortune has taken a major hit in the past months. 

Facebook's value has dropped by more than half since the filing of its IPO, when the company's stock was trading at $38 a share. On Thursday the price slipped to $20. On that day alone, Zuckerberg lost $423 million. If that sounds brutal, how about this: Since May, he's lost nearly $9 billion. 

Bloomberg reported that the loss knocked the 28-year-old CEO out of the top 10 richest technology billionaires. But don't feel too sorry for Zuck: He's still worth $10.2 billion. 

[via LA Times]