For the September issue of Interview, the mag recruited the hottest young actress today: Emma Stone. But without a closer look, the typically dressed-down girl-next-door is almost unrecognizable. 

Forgoing her usual colorful cardigan and side-swept, flowing locks, Stone opted for more of an all-black-leather-everything outfit with slicked-back hair and a cig in her mouth, making her look straight out of a Bowie video and/or an 80s sci-fi flick. 

Of course, the actual interview, which is conducted by director Cameron Crowe, who cast her as the lead for his next film Deep Tiki, reminds us just who the actress is: a down-to-earth natural comedienne. She cites John Candy as her acting hero, refers to her love for improv and Saturday Night Live and idolizes Diane Keaton.

[via Interview]