Activision has revealed two more of the films to be included in the career-spanning shooter 007 Legends: License to Kill and Die Another Day.

The 1989 License to Kill (originally with Timothy Dalton as Bond) involves a Mexican drug lord, an exploding drug refinery and a high-speed confrontation on a moving tanker truck.

Pierce Brosnan starred in Die Another Day in 2002. This one concerns a massive space weapon called Icarus that shoots concentrated beams of solar energy at the secret agent as he tries to stop a North Korean terrorist and a diamond mogul from acting on some sinister plan.

Toby Stephens and Carey Lowell will reprise their roles as Gustav Graves (the evil diamond mogul) from License to Kill and Pam Bouvier from Die Another Day, respectively.

The trailer says there are still two films to be revealed, but we already know that one of them is the upcoming Skyfall. Got any hopes for the final Bond film to be included? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter. We've got our fingers crossed for anything Sean Connery, even if Daniel Craig will replace him.