Just when you thought all of the face-meltingly epic ideas in the comic book industry have been done already, Brian Michael Bendis has come along to shed some light on a Justice League/Transformers crossover that almost happened. Bendis revealed some promotional art by Phil Jimenez for the now-cancelled project on his Tumblr recently, and it showcased what would have happened if the two franchises met. Jimenez later confirmed the project’s existence, and then debuted another piece of art from it on his Twitter.

Here we see Optimus Prime as a Green Lantern, Megatron holding Superman’s tattered cape, and Wonder Woman’s invisible jet inexplicably turning into a Transformer of some sort. It would have been mind-bending to say the least; unfortunately, the series never saw the light of day. There is still no word on when it was pitched, but it seems to be within the last few years. Take a closer look at the art below.

[Brian Michael Bendis, Phil Jimenez via Comic Book Resources]

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