Fez creator, Indie Game: The Movie subject, and all-around divisive genius Phil Fish has said in an interview that he's currently working on two new games. Judging by how long it took him to create Fez, we might actually see them in a decade or two.

Fez was in development for over five years, and Fish hasn't been secretive about how difficult it was for him to create. We've got no idea what his next projects could be, although Kokoromi and Fish's own studio Polytron have been working on a Kinect game called Super Hypercube.

He could always be porting Fez to PC or PSN, as well, though some might argue that he should finish the XBLA version first—a patch released last week basically broke some players' saved games.

Are you excited to see what Fish creates next, or do you still hold a grudge over some of his controversial statements? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Joystiq]