If you've never heard of the hit U.K. series The Inbetweeners, rest assured that you're about to hear a lot about it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, in addition to MTV's (likely watered down) U.S. version of the series that's set to premiere this August, Paramount has plans to adapt the British version for the big screen.

If you're not familiar, simply put the original series - which ran in the U.K. for three seasons and even got a film starring the original cast members back in 2011 - follows four very awkward teenage boys who, like awkward teenage boys often do, try to be cool but fail miserably because they're awkward teenage boys. Things like this happen. Apparently, Paramount's version would be significantly different from that in addition to being Americanized.

The film studio has tapped Iain Morris, who co-created the original series and penned the British Inbetweeners film, to write the screenplay. 

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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