Robot-themed point-and-click adventure game Machinarium will be coming to PS Vita, according to a recent change to the game's ESRB rating.

Machinarium, developed by Amanita Design, was released on PC and Mac in 2009. The game was subsequently released for iOS and Android. A PS3 version has been in the works for some time, and is expected to hit PSN later this summer.

Designer Jakub Dvorsky told Joystiq that the team would "like to bring the game to Vita," but refused to confirm the existence of the handheld version.

The PS3 version of Machinarium has been billed as the "ultimate version" of the game. As with any game released on both PS3 and Vita, we're inclined to wonder if the developers will include some kind of cross-platform play for fans who have both versions.

[From ESRB Via Joystiq]