An upcoming version of Twitter's app for iOS will include a host of handy new features, according to Twitter's own release notes on the update that have been obtained by 9to5 Mac. The release notes were visible in the new App Store on the version of iOS 6 that Apple has released to developers.

In the next version of Twitter for iOS, known as version 4.3, users will be able to view multimedia content shared in many links without having to click on the links themselves, according to the notes. Users will also be able to get push notifications on their phone whenever certain select people they follow send tweets. In another interesting new feature, Twitter says it will provide a "special experience around selected events" consisting of a curated stream of tweets from various users about a given live event.

It's not clear when the new version of Twitter will be released, but a safe bet is that it will arrive sometime between now and the premiere of iOS 6 in the fall. See full list of planned new features in version 4.3 at 9to5 Mac.

[via 9to5 Mac]