EarthBound is one of the most beloved Super Nintendo-era RPGs, but many gamers today only know the series' heroes Ness and Lucas from the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

That's partly because Nintendo has been unable to port the game to the Wii's Virtual Console, and now we've learned why. Apparently there are three hurdles: the "Sky Runner" song, the "Chuck Berry" battle song, and the Dali’s Clock.

All three of these would have to be changed in one way or another—the Dali's Clock, an enemy that resembles Salvador Dali's infamous melting clocks, would need a new name, for example, and the two songs would have to be replaced for the game to hit VC.

Apparently "Sky Runner" is the real sticking point, as Nintendo believes they'd need to create a whole new song for it. It's a shame, since the game was reportedly ready to be released on VC when these issues arose.

Would you play EarthBound on the Virtual Console? Would you rather they just replaced the songs with others from the game or created whole new ones? Do you even care? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

[via EarthBound Central via reddit]