Fort San Lorzeno / The Wreck Site

In July 1670 the Spanish and the British signed a peace treaty banning attacks in the new world. During that time, Morgan was at sea plotting his invasion of Panama City. Allegedly, Morgan's iPhone battery died (kidding) so word of the treaty didn't reach him until after he took Panama City the following year.

Fort San Lorenzo stands atop a cliff at the mouth of the Chagres river, protecting the only path to Panama City that didn't involve sailing around South America to the Pacific Ocean.

In January 1671, led by Colonel Joseph Bradley, Morgan's advance team of 500 men took the fort after a bloody week of fighting. When Morgan arrived a few days later he made the dumbest move of his career and grounded five of his ships on the coral reefs below the fort. Doooh!

The irony of the legend of Morgan the pirate is that he wasn't known as a proficient sailor. He was fixated on kicking ass and taking money. Sailing... not so much. Which side is starboard, again?

Those sunken ships, including Morgan's flagship, the Satisfaction, have remained underwater to this day. Only now has the area been turned into an archaeological dive site.