Activision and Chinese publisher Tencent Holdings Limited announced Call of Duty Online, a free-to-play MMO shooter designed for the Asian gaming market.

Very little information about the game has come out so far, but according to Gamasutra, Call of Duty Online will feature game modes established by past Call of Duty games, plus a new mode designed specifically designed for the Chinese gaming community. (I'm guessing that's where the "MMO" component will come into play.)

According to Fusible, Activision bought a series of domains last week related to "Call of Duty China, including  "" and "". Tencent, meanwhile, set up a teaser site, which featured a countdown that ended earlier today.

Trying to figure out where you've heard the name "Tencent Holdings Limited" before? It's possible you remember the company, one of China's largest gaming companies, from when we reported that the publisher recently became a minority shareholder of Epic Games. The two companies will be working together to bring Epic's games to Asian markets. If Call of Duty Online is any indication, expect to see free-to-play versions of Gears of War and Infinity Blade sooner or later.

[Via Gamasutra, Polygon]