Author: David Mitchell
Released: 1999
Genre: Drama

Ghostwritten is, in many ways, the text equivalent to the Oscar-winning flick Crash, but David Mitchell's sweeping novel should be immune to the hatred spewed toward director Paul Haggis' overrated slice of racially charged melodrama.

In Ghostwritten, Mitchell skillfully weaves together the stories of nine vastly different characters, including a terrorist living in Okinawa, an English musician, and an NYC radio DJ, in unpredictable, happenstance ways. And, fortunately, none of them act like Ludacris or Brendan Fraser.

Fun Fact: It's easy to see why David Mitchell's novels, from Ghostwritten to 2004's time-spanning Cloud Atlas, feature characters from various parts of the world—throughout his life, Mitchell has lived in England, Sicily, Hiroshima, and Ireland.