Sitting down to play ZombiU at Comic-Con, I was basically already sold on the game. Ubisoft has been hitting it out of the park lately; it's been quite a while since they released anything that was less than stellar.

So I went in with high hopes, and I wasn't disappointed. The level Ubisoft was demoing took place near Buckingham Palace, of all places, a location seldom portrayed in games despite its instant recognizability.

The Wii U tablet controller will definitely take some getting used to—the sensitivity on the sticks seemed way too high, and there isn't another modern controller with the face buttons below the right stick.

I was thankful every time the game reminded me to glance down at the tablet's screen, no matter much it killed my immersion. And playing ZombiU, you'll be looking at the tablet a lot. Here are ten ways that makes ZombiU a better game.

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