A lawsuit alleges that Stadium Pizza, located by Yankee Stadium, has been selling some deep dish meals that aren’t pizza. A former waitress claims that a number of waitresses and bartenders at the restaurant are also work as prostitutes. After working as there for seven long years, Olga Contreras is suing the place for sexual harassment.

Contreras claims she was forced to clean up “numerous used condoms,” and suffered a miscarriageafter owners forced her to lift heavy items while pregnant. According to her, the she got the axe for walking into the kitchen and saying “I am hungry” in broken English.

As Gothamist points out, a recent Yelp review lends credibility to Contreras’ accusations. Apparently there was a prostitute wandering out, posing as a waitress, looking for new business. Apparently, you could order a “Sex on the Beach” at this place and quite literally get what you asked for.

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[via Gothamist]

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