Rachel Rodger was forced to deliver he own baby last month after being stopped not once, but twice by police on the way to the hospital. With Rodger in labor and her husband flooring it, they were pulled over at two different road blocks by cops investigating a local robbery. Apparently, some cigarettes were stolen, i.e., it was the end of the world.

After the first stop, they were not allowed to proceed until they gave cops their names, address, and dates of birth. They were allowed to continue after the second stop, but by then, the baby was on its way. After parking the car at Perth Royal Infirmary, Jason Rodger ran inside to get help. After her legs gave out, Rachel was forced to deliver the baby on her own in the dark parking garage. A midwife showed up just in time to cut the cord.

Rachel's mother filed a complaint on behalf of the couple, and the Tayside Police's community policing division issued apology. Meanwhile, baby Luke is doing well.

[via The Huffington Post]

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