If you sense a pungent odor of estrogen at the theater today, that's because thousands of women are buying tickets to Magic Mike, the male revue epic loosely based on the new generation Adonis' Channing Tatum's life as a stripper. While most movie critics are expecting the film to turn its audience into an impromptu bachelorette party with all of its beefcakes, there's an incentive for guys to watch it too: Cody Horn.

As Tatum's love interest and his on-screen protegé The Kid's (Alex Pettyfer) elder sister, the 25-year-old actress more than adequately provides enough female eye candy on a screen bombarded with thrusting male pelvises. Haven't heard of her yet? Well, get familiar with the girl who'll redeem your masculinity when your girl drags you to see the movie tonight.