This feature is a part of Complex's "Triple F Life" Week.

Touring a city with an artist who makes it his home, it isn't surprising when you discover the places that have inspired that person's art. When glimpsing Atlanta through the eyes of Waka Flocka Flame, the man responsible for "No Hands" and "Round of Applause" (from his new album, Triple F Life, available from iTunes now), it makes sense that clubs—gentlemen's clubs, especially—figure prominently.

But Waka's Atlanta contains surprises, places of importance that complicate the larger-than-life persona of the MC that so famously declared, "I go hard in the motherfucking paint." For instance, where in his music can you hear the Georgia Aquarium's dolphin show that he finds so moving? 

From the small town of Riverdale, where he spent his youth, to his first lap dance and beyond, this is Waka Flocka's Guide to Atlanta.

As told to Ross Scarano (@RossScarano)

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