Nothing makes high school kids want to further their education more than Animal House. The hilarious 1978 comedy about a rowdy fraternity house was the ideal movie for the younger generation to get a dangerously skewed perspective on how they should act while in college, and at the time it was hailed as genius. Then ABC came along and tried to capture lighting in a bottle again with the sitcom Delta House.

The highlight of the original was John Belushi’s portrayal of Bluto, the overweight, beer chugging, loudmouth. He intelligently decided not to join this mess, so the producers replaced him with Josh Mostrel, who played his brother, Blotto. This was just one of the many eye-rolling changes that hit the woefully unfunny show. Worst of all, the humor was toned down for a mainstream network audience, thus completely missing the point of the movie.

Producers apparently clashed with the network repeatedly over the content, and before long, Delta House was on the scrap heap. The only positive to come out of it was the fact that it served as an initial launching pad for the career of Michelle Pfeiffer.