Oh, f***, this could be awesome. Dutch company A1 plans to bring its Let’s Pizza vending machines to America by the end of the year.

The machines actually make (!) the pizza, kneading dough, adding fresh ingredients—not frozen, they’re kept refrigerated in vacuum-sealed containers—and cooking the 10.5-inch pies. All in under three minutes. (Mind blown). For only $5.95. (Can’t process…)

Too good to be true, huh? It begs the question, though: what the hell do the Dutch know about pizza? (Or anything besides “coffee shops?”)

[Strike one: "Pizza" is not, nor will it ever be, a verb.]

Yet, how could you not give this a shot? Consider the alternatives. Sure DiGiorno’s is awesome. But not only does that require a trip to the grocery store, but there’s the added burden of actually having to use a stove, and thus, the lingering danger of burning down your house. And delivery’s too damn expensive anyways. And it takes too long. 

Three minutes!

[via Gizmag]