During their E3 2012 press conference this morning, Microsoft revealed a new way for all your devices to interact with one another: Xbox SmartGlass.

SmartGlass will allow content on one device to spread to all the others. For example, you can start a movie on your tablet and resume it on your TV through the Xbox console when you get home. Or, watching a show on the Xbox's HBO Go app, you can view maps, character info, cast and crew bios, and more on your tablet or phone.

Your devices will also interact with games; playing Madden, for example, you'll be able to map out plays in great detail, or you can unlock Halo Waypoint content playing Halo 4 that you can then view on a tablet. Microsoft also launched a multiplayer game directly from a tablet.

They stressed that these are only concepts, and the final functions may vary when SmartGlass launches this fall for Windows, Windows Phones, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Microsoft also announced that they're bringing Internet Explorer to the 360 with a combination of SmartGlass and Kinect to create a better console browser experience.

You wouldn't be far off if you called the whole thing Wii U for Xbox, but at least it's a version of the Wii U that you already own if you have a tablet or smartphone. What do you think about SmartGlass? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.