Now comes the tricky part—relying on communication rather than actual in-person contact. Not only should you prep your phone plans accordingly, you should definitely get on the same page about how often you'd like to talk to each other.

She may expect to get in two phone calls and Skype chat each day, while you're cool with an occasional call with texts in between, or vice-versa. In a non-LDR, these differences in communication styles wouldn't necessarily be deal breakers, but in an LDR, communication is your relationship's bread and butter, and not getting it right can quickly lead to thoughts of not being right for one another.

Instead of losing your love to miscommunication, make an effort to understand how often you each need to be in contact to feel secure and important to the other person. This may mean scheduling Skype dates or sending several text messages throughout the day that serve as reminders of your affection, and or adjusting how you normally correspond in order to reach a compromise.

Varying your communication is also helpful: Message funny videos, fire off flirty emails and yes, even write actual letters. Always be seeking new ways to send your love.