Samsung's highly anticipated Galaxy S III smartphone is scheduled to finally reach American shores on June 21, but don't put your old phone on Craigslist just yet. Apple has accused the device of infringing on at least two of its patents and filed a motion in court yesterday to try and prevent it from going on sale.

The motion claims that the Galaxy S III, which was announced in May and is already on sale in the UK, infringes on patents related to both Siri and data retrieval. Apple is already suing Samsung for infringing on the same patents with the Galaxy Nexus, so it's asking the court to add the Galaxy S III to that previously filed claim.

If Apple wins its motion, Samsung would have to either make changes to the Galaxy S III or reach a settlement with Apple regarding the patents. Recently, HTC had two of its phones, the One X and the EVO 4G LTE, stopped at the border on suspicion of infringing on a separate Apple patent.

[via AllThingsD]