Adam: Eddie Barbanell, who plays Brad, is so awesome. We didn’t wanna write all this crazy stuff for him to say, 'cause we didn’t want to make a mentally handicapped person say “I want to go fuck some chicks,” or “I want some chicks’ pussies.” We didn’t write that in at all, but he was constantly improv-ing about how much he wanted to go fuck chicks. [Laughs.] So we just started going along with it, and he was really, really funny—professional as hell, too. We keep it really loose on our set, so we don’t really snap into character right until it’s about time for action, and he would tell us to shut the fuck up, that it was time to get to work. [Laughs.]

Anders: We had a few people audition and Eddie sent his audition in from Florida. He just crushed it. His dad filmed the audition and they e-mailed it to our casting director and we were like, “This guy’s gonna be fun.”

Blake: I think the line that really sealed the deal in the audition was “I run on train like chicks like you.” He nailed it.

Adam: He said it like he was doing Shakespeare, so eloquently.

Blake: Another cool moment that came from that was, when we were driving around at night it was game seven of the Lakers in the NBA Finals. We actually got to pull the car over and stop in the middle of traffic on the back of this trailer hitch, and it being our first season, that’s when it hit me that we’re really living out our dreams: We’re filming, we’re in LA, the Lakers are winning, we’re like a part of something. That was a pretty magical moment for me.

Adam: Yeah, it was cool we shut down the whole street and got out of the car and turned the stereo up and the whole crew gathered around the car to listen to the last two minutes of the game. It was pretty cool.