Age: 24
Best projects: The Kids are All Right (2010), Parenthood (2010 – 2011, ABC), Mad Men (2010 – Present, AMC), Girls (2012, HBO)

Zosia Mamet’s keen eye for solid projects must run in her genes; after all, her mother is Academy Award-nominated actress Lindsay Crouse (recognized for 1984’s Places in My Heart), while her father, David Mamet, is only a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. One thing that neither parent can ever take credit for, though, is young Mamet’s aptitude for elevating minor TV show roles into characters you incessantly hope will pop back up for more screen time.

During the fourth season of AMC’s Mad Men, Mamet’s vibrant, spunky appearances as Life photo editor Joyce Ramsay enlightened major character Peggy (Elizabeth Moss) to a freer, pleasure-before-business lifestyle that continues to have ripple effects in the show’s current season.

And now, on HBO’s estrogen-powered Sunday night hit Girls, the button-cute actress amplifies her comedic sensibilities to hilarious, rapid-fire levels as the energetically naïve Shoshanna, “the least virgin-y virgin” around. Just wait until Girls executive producer Judd Apatow blesses Mamet with a role in one of his future big-screen comedies—we can definitely see her in a Bridesmaids-like ensemble, snatching scenes from her more recognizable colleagues.