Every good action hero needs a trademark weapon. Indiana Jones had his famous whip, Dirty Harry had his .44 Magnum hand cannon, and Schwarzenegger brandished a shotgun with the best of them in the Terminator franchise. And while those were all well and good, we could easily walk down to our local gun store or bondage supplier and have our choice of any firearm or whip. Quite frankly, we crave something more elusive from our cinematic weaponry.

Over the years, the movie industry has transported us to different time periods, planets, and universes, and filmmakers have done a fantastic job of bringing to life arms that reflect these strange worlds. Some of these fictional weapons have been slightly modified versions of what actually exists in our world, and others are so out of the ordinary that they could only exist up on the screen. 

One of the most innovative franchises on this front has been the Men in Black series, which, in addition to giving viewers a variety of memorable aliens, has introduced us to countless futuristic gadgets. The advanced vehicles and mind-wiping gizmos are wonderful, but what really sticks out are the laser-powered alien-zapping guns that have wreaked havoc in these movies. With the release of Men in Black 3 today, we're sure we're going to see even more over-the-top weapons that light up the screen. They may even be cool enough to knock something off of our list of The 10 Coolest Fake Weapons in Movies.

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