While we’d prefer to believe that Heroes ended after a spectacular first season, it’s only the presence of the Bennets’ Pomeranian Mr. Muggles that makes the existence of a second, third, and fourth tolerable in our eyes. Not only was he completely fabulous (born and bred as a show dog, mind you), it was clear from day one that he truly did not give any fucks about what was going on around him concerning superpowers.

For instance: His owner develops the power to heal any and all wounds, then proceeds to cut her toe off in front of him? No care, Muggles was too busy watching a dog show on TV. A crazy psycho killer breaks into the house looking for his owner with the intentions of slicing her head open with his own super powers? Mr. Muggles licked his shoes because said crazed killer pet him. What? Claire was annoying, anyway.

By season four, Mr. Muggles was every viewer: completely and utterly over this shit, to the point where he barely made any appearances at all.