Guys. Guys. Big news. CBS just achieved what we previously thought was impossible, and picked up a reality show about dogs, that doesn't involve the so-called "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan! AKA, something we actually want to watch.

According to Deadline

CBS has picked up for summer “Dogs In The City,” a reality series starring New York City dog guru Justin Silver, which will premiere on May 30. In the vein of veteran Dog Whisperer, Silver, a dog trainer, behaviorist and owner of a pet care company, helps owners with any dog behavior-related problems. “Dogs are at the center of the story here, but this is a show that reveals as much about human nature as man’s best friend,” Mendelsohn said.

So, yeah, it's still about a dog whisperer, which we have to admit is a little disappointing - how cool would a reality show that was just about dogs be? - but at least it's not Millan. We'll totally be watching this one.

[via Warming Glow]