Since the bombshell hit that Dan Harmon had been ousted from the staff of the very series he created, Community, many saw it as figurative kiss of death from NBC, to be coupled with the fact that the series had just been moved to a graveyard timeslot of 8:30 pm on Fridays. But this piece of news might help ease the pain of Harmon's departure, maybe just a little: According to Vulture, new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port (formerly of ABC's Happy Endings) have been setting up meetings with current Community writers to discuss their futures with the series, something that should be taken as a good sign because it shows that the writers are open to continuing with the show post-Harmon. Though showrunners have a lot of influence on the creative direction of a show, writers' influence is important in its own right - they're the ones penning the scripts.

Apparently, in additon to this, Sony has deals with many of the staff writers, but it's "unclear if the studio would force any writers to remain with the show."

Could be good, could be bad. Bottom line, all hope isn't lost.

[via Vulture]