Anthony Hopkins is in talks to join the delightfully over-the-hill cast of Summit Entertainment's Red 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Directed by Dean Parisot, this sequel will reunite Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich from the original as special agents coming out of retirement to see some more action.

Hopkins' potential role would be that of a brilliant scientist who, fittingly enough, is locked up in a mental asylum. The man would barely even have to act if he agrees to the role. Hopkins would join Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byun-Hun Lee as newcomers to the franchise.

What this could mean for Hopkins' involvement as Odin in Thor 2 isn't known at this time. Both movies seem to have a similar production schedule, and there could be a conflict there. After truly embodying the All-Father in the first one, it would be a big disappointment if he doesn't return. We'll be sure to update his status as news continues to break.

[via The Hollywood Reporter