Next time you think about throwing away that dusty old box of comics, we suggest you take a closer look because there could always be something valuable waiting inside. At a recent Heritage Auction, a near mint copy of Batman #1 went for an astonishing $850,000. The comic was CGC graded at 9.2, which basically means it was about as near-perfect as a 72-year-old comic could be. 

"It's amazing that three years ago, no comic book had ever sold for even half that amount," said Ed Jaster, Vice President of Heritage Auctions, which brokered the sale. "Heritage is holding a $4+ million comics and comic art auction in Dallas May 10-11. Many collectors and dealers will be watching to see how Golden Age comics perform there."

Even though Batman #1 wasn't the first appearance of the Caped Crusader (that distinction belongs to Detective Comics #27), it's still a legendary piece of comic book history.  

[via Heritage Auction