Operation taught all of us the art of the steady hand, and also the belief that the human stomach is filled with butterflies. But the game shouldn’t end after children around the globe are done mimicking the actions of blood-covered surgeons—it should be turned into a serial killer thriller directed by David Fincher.

Here’s the plot: A woman comes home to discover that her husband has been killed and his ankle replaced by a wrench, or a “wrenched ankle.” A similar thing happens across town after a police officer was discovered dead in his home with a sewn-up stomach full of butterflies. It takes one of the police force’s youngest members to discover that these crimes are being committed in the same style as the board game Operation.

From there, a brutal series of crimes lead police on a chase to find this Milton-Bradley-obsessed sociopath before he strikes again. It sounds just like Se7en, right? Well, it would even look like it, especially when Morgan Freeman gets cast as one of the leads. Not as the hero cop, though, but as the killer himself. It’s about time he got his hands dirty.