What better way is there to teach your daughter about the importance of dating numerous men at an early age and judging people solely on their appearance than Mystery Date? Basically, if you won the game, you went on a date with the stud, a.k.a. the football jock; if you lost, you take home the dud, a.k.a. the nerd. To flip this whole concept on its head, we would love to see a Mystery Date movie based on what happened to two girls after one landed the stud and the other one got the dud.

Although the stud was the hunk in high school, in the movie he's now in his mid '40s and working as a delivery boy for his father’s menu laminating company. This means that his wife is forced to work her fingernails bloody just to make ends meet. On the other hand, the dud wound up creating a new painless delivery system for insulin and struck it rich. He may not be handsome, but the other girl couldn't be happier with him.

It would be a typical Woody Allen-esque morality play about the dangers of judging your romantic interests solely by their looks. It could even send a positive message to the youth of America for a change. Imagine that.