Once upon a time, Pinkie was the most adorable pink pony in the My Little Pony universe.

One day, she wandered into Skyrim, a world full of dragons, warriors, and gratuitous violence. Instead of flying away, as most magical ponies would, Pinkie rose to the occasion and went on a destructive rampage the likes of which Skyrim had never seen.

Pinkie didn't forget her roots though; as she electrocuted and killed everyone in sight, she sang a cheery little song telling her enemies to "smile" right before she shot a bright pink pony arrow into their faces...

Wow. that got seriously morbid. I guess putting My Little Pony characters into Skyrim will do that to you.

If you're interested, you can pick up mods for the My Little Pony weapons and armor at Skyrim Nexus.

[Via Kotaku]