Director: Lynn Shelton
Stars: Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt

Some guys have all the luck. In acclaimed independent writer-director Lynn Shelton’s (Humpday) minimalist love triangle Your Sister’s Sister, The League’s Mark Duplass plays a romantically cold dude who heads off to his best friend’s (Emily Blunt) family cabin for a weekend of solitude, only to be unexpectedly greeted by her equally disenchanted sister (Rosemarie DeWitt). Once there, he and the sister smack backs, which complicates matters once Duplass learns that his BFF is madly in love with him.

That’s right, he gets to hook up with the gorgeous DeWitt while also getting the even sexier Blunt all hot and bothered. Go ahead, fight through the jealousy. Fortunately, the richly acted Your Sister’s Sister washes away any male-channeled animosity through its honesty and moments of quirky, R-rated endearment.

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