Director: Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus

Watching porn online will never be the same again after you’ve seen Sexy Baby, the timely and subtly powerful new documentary from filmmakers Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus. With open-book realism and nicely placed references to sexually provocative Billboard hits (see: Lil Wayne and Lady Gaga, specifically), Sexy Baby explores the negative effects that our current digital age is having on impressionable young women, as well as the immature fellas who think that all bedroom activities should mirror those of Jenna Jameson.

Bauer and Gradus, without any interferences, show the everyday lives of three equally engrossing subjects: Winnie, a sassy, quite grown-up 12-year-old who counters her feminist-in-training ideals with the desire to be as sexy as Lady Gaga; Nichole, a.k.a. Nakita Nash, 32, a porn star turned pole dance instructor who knows the chauvinistic and hurtful views cast upon adult film stars all too well; and 22-year-old Laura, a gorgeous amateur model stricken by insecurities that she feels can only be remedied through labiaplasty surgery.

Sexy Baby accomplishes two important feats: The film brings the Internet’s darkest impacts to light in discomforting ways, and, most profound of all, it should give any and all fathers of young girls a harsh reality check about the times in which we’re currently living.

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