A photo posted to Twitter last night shows what may be the box art for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. A series of rumors have pointed to a Black Ops sequel dating back to the beginning of the year, including an announcement image featuring the Treyarch logo.

The supposed box art, which most likely comes from an Italian retailer, features an image similar to the recently unearthed announcement poster. The image says "Prenota Subito" across the front, which means "Reserve Now" in Italian. It also says "One Per Customer" in the lower right-hand corner.

The physical box doesn't look like any box that Black Ops 2 would be shipped in, however, since it's simply a promotional display from a store, that doesn't necessarily tarnish its authenticity. As Kotaku points out, the large lens flare is a technique that has been used to hide evidence that something being described as an official image may be fake.

Activision has announced that they'll be showing the next Call of Duty for the first time in a TV presentation on May 1st during the NBA playoffs. A formal reveal is expected to follow the next day.

[From Twitter via Kotaku]