Kurt Kaiser's day went from bad to worse pretty fast. Drowning his sorrows at the Whiskey Bar on Central Park South after a deal to sell the aforementioned diamonds fell through when Erika Cooper sauntered over and joined him for a drink. They ended up leaving together, but not before a stop at CVS for condoms and a $500 dollar gift card, ostensibly for payment. They did the deed and he fell asleep, as men are wont to do—am i right!?—and she lifted his diamonds, valued at a cool $500,000.

Perhaps looking stupid in public is enough punishment for Kaiser because the NYPD is not going to pursue any solicitation charges against him. We'll just file this under "Stories of Soliciting Prostitutes Gone Wrong" in case you needed some more ammo in that argument you've been having with that one kind of crazy friend of yours who doesn't think it's "such a big deal."

[via Daily Mail]