The latest Humble Bundle, which lets you pay what you want and give the money to the game developers or charity, features as its main attraction the latest game from Amanita Designs. Amanita is known for their gorgeous and detailed Machinarium and Samorost adventure games, and the new title, Botanicula, looks like it'll hold that standard proudly.

Included in the Humble Botanicula Bundle are Botanicula, Machinarium, and Samorost 2, as well as the feature-length film Kooky (for which Amanita provided designs) and the non-Amanita adventure game Windowsill (if you pay more than the current average, which is sitting just under $9).

As always, the Humble Bundle games are available on Windows, OSX and Linux PCs, and if you pay $5 or more you can download the games through Steam. In addition, the excellent soundtracks for BotaniculaMachinarium, and Samorost 2 are also included with the bundle.

If you haven't experienced Amanita's games, this is a great way to start. And you don't have to be a dirty hippie to want to donate to the World Land Trust, dedicated to preserving rainforests—especially when you get four sweet games and a movie in the deal.

How many Humble Bundles have you purchased? Do you still feel they're a good value and a smart way to get indie games out there? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.