In this day and age, it's pretty impossible to browse the web anonymously, without any programs tracking your activity. On the iPhone and iPad, specifically, the Safari browser is supposed to block cookies--but that didn't stop Google from installing cookies in ads on sites you visited. And sure, browsers offer incognito versions but can you really trust that?

A new iPhone app, dubbed "Onion Browser," finally provides what seems to be an adequate solution to anonymous browsing. The app connects to an encrypted Tor network, which redirects your connection through a variety of tunnels before you actually get to a desired site. Obviously, this slows up your browsing, but more importantly, it masks your IP address--even from your ISP!--and allows you to circumvent firewalls. The "New Identity" feature even clears yoru cache and generates a new IP address for you.

The internet, as it's intended to be, is now available via the app for only $0.99 in the App Store.

[via Geek via Gizmodo]