Giving a fake name to cops in the face of possible arrest is stupid as it is, but it's even stupider in the case of 19-year-old Dylan Edward Contreras, who attempted to do so despite having his real name tattooed on his forearm in plain view. 

The Idaho man was walking on a street with two other men and a dog when cops spotted them and told them to move to the sidewalk. According to The Huffington Post, when they noticed that one - Contreras - looked like he was about to bolt, they asked him for identification. Contreras gave a fake name and his real birthday, which cops proceeded to look up only to find no results. However, when the officer looked up the name tattooed on Contreras's arm along with the provided birthday, the results were a bit different. 

Turns out, Contreras had about three warrants for "failure to appear" - one of which included the charge of "providing false information." He was arrested, which seems fair because he clearly didn't learn from his mistakes the last time. 

[via Huffington Post]