Ever since Rise of the Planet of the Apes proved to be last summer's best blockbuster, movie fans everywhere have been wondering what director Rupert Wyatt would tackle for his next project. Well the mystery has been solved as Variety is reporting that Wyatt will be directing a sci-fi/action film, titled Agent 13, with Charlize Theron cast as one of the leads. It's unclear just who she will play, but it definitely won't be the title role, who is a male. The rights to the movie have already been purchased by Universal Pictures after nearly every studio in Hollywood made an attempt at it. 

There is no plot synopsis available for the movie, but it is known that it will be based on a series of comics and novels from the '80s. The source material blended sci-fi tech and pulp storytelling into a unique package that would be perfect for a visual director like Wyatt. 

This won't stop Wyatt from returning to the Planet of the Apes franchise as 20th Century Fox already has a contract option for him to come back. But at this time it isn't known whether another Apes film or Agent 13 will hit theaters first. 

[via Variety]