The MPAA has backed off its R rating and decided to give The Weinstein Company's socially relevant documentary, Bully, a PG-13 rating after some changes were made to the finished product, according to Deadline. An online outrage was sparked after the film was originally given an R rating, which would have made it impossible for schools to use the documentary in the classroom as a learning tool.

In order to receive the PG-13 rating, some of the film's harsh language was removed, but people shouldn't be too worried, none of the powerful, and disturbing, scenes of bullying were cut. The film received this rating for what the MPAA is calling, "...intense thematic material, disturbing content, and some strong language – all involving kids.”

Usually a studio needs to wait 90 days to release a newly rated movie after a change, but the MPAA has waived that clause in this case. Now teenagers and kids around the country can see the film with their schools and parents in order to truly understand the dangers of bullying and how it can ruin lives forever. Hopefully now this film can fulfill its true potential. 

[via Deadline