Just days after the Motion Picture Association of America upheld its decision to give Lee Hirsch’s documentary, Bully, an R-rating, parents, educators, activists, and film fans from around the country have signed a petition over at Change.Org in order to try and convince the MPAA to reverse its ruling. The petition itself was started by a Michigan high school student named Katy Butler and is now at over 50,000 signatures.

Bully chronicles the lives of victims, families, schools, and communities that have been affected by the bullying epidemic that is sweeping the country. It ranges from focusing on the incessant teasing that goes with bullying, to showing the disturbing physical abuse that some kids suffer as well.

Because the movie received an R-rating, students from around the country won’t be able to see the film on their own, and schools won’t be able to bring classes to screenings of it either. What should be a great educational tool for kids is instead just out of reach of the audience that it is truly meant for. Check out the trailer below to see just how powerful Hirsch's work really is.

[via Change.Org]