The Internet has most certainly given a voice to the otherwise voiceless, and with that the ability to say a lot of impolite things.

British model and TV host Alexa Chung learned that the hard way, when she had to shut down her Instagram account at the hands of nasty comments being left on one of her photos.

A picture of her and her mom elicited responses like "Ew she's so skinny it's gross," "you're legs look unhealthy," "ur ugly," and "Skinny. Horrid," among others.

Seemingly annoyed, Alexa jumped in.

"Hi, I am here," she wrote. "I can read. Ok everyone thanks for the teen angst discussions. People are different sizes. I'm not trying to be thinspo for anyone (sic). I am now making this acct private. Byyyyyeeee."

And just like, she was gone.