Couples from Nicholas Sparks flicks are always discovering true love while on some sort of break, be it spring or summer, or some put-upon woman taking off and "just doin' her." And why wouldn't they? Everything's always heightened when there's fresh scenery and an expiration date.

Think Paul (Richard Gere) and Adrienne (Diane Lane), from 2008's Nights in Rodanthe, would've been unloading all of their emotional baggage onto each other were they not two patrons stuck together at some romantic B&B on the beach? If they were in NYC, you know they'd have been ignoring each other, iPods and all.

Channing Tatum's chaarcter in Dear John, too, might not have been held in the same high esteem were he some dude from around the office or a loud music-playing neighbor instead of a shirtless heartthrob kicking it on the beach before departing for battle.