Despite damaging its reputation after launching two of the worst products computer history with Windows Me and Windows VIsta, then losing a vast number of consumers to Apple, Microsoft’s operating system still commands 75 percent of the market. However, while most of the world is running Windows, the company’s recently failed ventures into the music and mobile markets, combined with billion-dollar loses have dunked the PC giant in boiling hot water. In other words, consider it do or die for Ballmer and co.

It looks as if the Redmond, Wash.-based company is in need of a comback. Last week, Microsoft released a beta preview for its latest OS, Windows 8, which left many in awe with its sleek interface and multi-platform support. Boasting a number of sweet new upgrades, not only is it an essential for all PC users, it could also serve as Android and Apple’s biggest threat once unleashed on the tablet market. Log in to check out the 10 reasons why Windows 8 won't suck.