WHERE: Sigma Sound Philadelphia
WHEN: Thursday, March 8, 2012 

My first time ever hosting a RBMA info session. As a public speaker, it's very hard to pull me off my square considering how much time I've spent hosting and performing over the years. But when you're interviewing your peers/icons and trying to get it right, those old school rookie nerves wake themselves up and get to itching at you. Phonte and 9th Wonder were incredible guests, both incredibly funny, insightful, and forthcoming. I have a brand new respect for them both for many reasons now, one of the most important being their open candor about the break up of Little Brother, their recent Twitter spat about it, and coming to terms for good as grown men just a couple of weeks prior to this session. No one is more thankful than me, because I got to carry the responsibility of opening that can of worms with TLC…luckily the worms were tame and the can was owned by some grown ass men. Salute 9th and 'Tigallo, and salute Red Bull for the opportunity. Huge day for me.